Hazel Bugler

Hazel is a yoga teacher and chiropractor and is responsible for the business side of the project. Hazel has run her own company for over 10 years and recently completed an MBA. She is excited to apply these business skills to a social good

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Megan Cowles

Megan is a yoga teacher, clinical psychologist and researcher with a specialism in complex trauma. Megan and Leonie are responsible for the operational side of BYRP and Megan also runs the learning spaces. Megan is dedicated to working with yoga as a force for social change


Leonie Harvey-Rolfe

Leonie is a yoga teacher, anthropologist and community worker. Leonie works with Megan on the operational aspects of the project as well as running the reflective spaces. Leonie is a driven social justice advocate and committed to increasing access to the transformational practices of yoga