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This page is always evolving; we endeavour to update it as regularly as we can with helpful resources and signposting for further learning and reflection. We want to uplift the voices and inspirational work these powerful yoga teachers are offering across Bristol, the UK and beyond; from community building and instagram posts, to books, training, podcasts and more.


Do let us know if you have any suggestions of what to add.

Bristol & Nearby

Collective Care Community  (Bristol) - fortnightly gathering for Bristol yoga teachers who identify as Black, Brown, or Persons of Colour. Working together to build a community of collective care, support and empowerment 


Queer Yoga classes with Emma Edwards (Bristol) Shine Yoga


Curvy Girl Yoga classes with Devaki (Bristol) CGY


Accessible Yoga Teacher Training (Bristol) Stephanie Shanti 

Sophia Ansari (Cardiff, Wales) Sattva Gaia  

Wider UK

Kallie Schut (London) Rebel Yoga Tribe 


Donna Noble (London) The Noble Art of Yoga 


Nadia Gilani (London) 


The OMpowerment Project (London/Worldwide)


Project Yogi (London)


Edinburgh Community Yoga Project (Edinburgh)

Brighton Yoga Foundation (Brighton)


Luvena Rangel (India) The Curvy Yogi


Radical Darshan - Jonelle Lewis, Leila Sadegee, Kallie Schut & Dr. Stacie CC Graham/Oya Retreats


Susanna Barkataki (USA)  


Michelle C. Johnson (USA) 


Yoga is Dead Podcast (website also has loads of fantastic resources relating to each episode)


Founders of Yoga is Dead, Tejal Patel Tejal Yoga & Jesal Parikh Yogawalla




Dianne Bondy


Amber Karnes 


Octavia Raheem