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We offer bespoke training packages with pre and post training recommendations to truly embed the experience into your practice. Our recommended training is a 2-day introduction into outreach community yoga.
The Bristol Yoga Roots Project have been delivering outreach yoga classes since 2017 and have trained and worked with many different organisations and diverse populations. Our training programme has been developed with the directors shared expertise in clinical psychology, research, community work, physical health & chiropractic, anthropology and business development.
Topics we cover include:

- What is outreach community yoga and do we really need it?

- How does outreach community yoga link to yogic philosophy

- What is trauma and what does it mean to be 'trauma-informed'?

- How might chronic stress and trauma show up in a yoga class?

- The science of stress and trauma in the brain and body

- The role of power and privilege in yoga settings and how to address this

- How to manage emotional dysregulation and risk issues

- Managing boundaries

- The ethics of outreach community yoga