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Introducing our wonderful family of teachers who, along with our core team, deliver classes for BYRP


Sally Balfourth

I support people to feel into their own investigations with their bodies, through movement, breath and play. My personal practice, work and life is animated by creativity. It empowers me to continuously grow and discover. This diversity of influences weaves its way through my approach to facilitation.


After training to be a Yoga Teacher in 2015, I worked around the world hosting retreats, supporting teacher trainings and collaborating with individuals, charities and organisations. I’m now based in Bristol, UK.


Sheena Louise

My background is in Music, Youth & Family work, and ever since returning home from my first yoga teacher training I've been keen to work with those who might not usually find themselves in a Yoga Studio. 

My passion lays in working with women; I am trained in yoga therapy for women's health, pregnancy and post natal yoga, specialist post natal massage and Closing the Bones ritual healing, as well as more recent studies into herbal gynecology.


Holding space for women to experience their innate bodily wisdom brings all the joy for me.

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Seanie Smith

Seanie has been teaching with BYRP since 2019. She is a yoga teacher and artist, completely passionate about expression, psychology, expansion of self and our capacity to feel more, move more, and the ever growing awareness around how we all need connection and community. This has naturally led her to becoming a teacher for BYRP. With ongoing training and 6 years of teaching experience she is excited to be applying some of the skills and passion she has cultivated so far working for this project


Lena Grace

Whatever your starting point is, it’s perfect for you - this is my approach to yoga and movement.

I encourage you to be okay with how you are in this present moment. I’ll always remind you that it’s your practice and what you need may be different to the person next to you.

We are all uniquely unique, in different bodies, with different needs; how wonderful is that?

Sharing my passion for yoga is my purpose. Making yoga accessible and inclusive is important to me, so with that in mind I offer variations on poses and postures to cater for everyone.

Mental health studies, a degree in counselling and life experience underpins the practices I share.

I invite you to come exactly as you are, because how you are in this moment is perfect.


Rebecca Simms

I have always been passionate about creating social change which led to my career in International Development. Through my work I saw that few of us have been spared traumatic experiences and if each of us aren't able to find our own way to heal, large scale positive change is a distant dream. Now, as a yoga teacher and Thai massage therapist, I am equally passionate about supporting individuals through these healing modalities as I am about changing systems. Yoga is powerful and it should be for everyone. It can be uncomfortable to recognise and address the exclusivity of the yoga industry but I am happy to have found an organisation that is tackling it head on.


Stephen Lightbown

Stephen is a poet and yoga teacher. He writes extensively but not exclusively about his life as a wheelchair user. He is the author of two poetry collections for adults and in 2023 he will be publish his first collection for children as well as his first picture book.

As a yoga teacher he teaches yoga that is suitable for every body type, without judgement. Stephen specialises in yoga for helping you discover new things about your body and reconnecting with other parts you may have forgotten. He guides you through a calming practice which leaves you feeling empowered by what your body is capable of.

Marianne Swift photo.jpg

Marianne Swift

Marianne is a yoga facilitator and clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist (trainee), she is passionate about the value of yoga for mental health and her teachings are offered in a trauma-sensitive, open, playful and empowering way. She has a background of working in mental health, youth and adult homelessness, and the charity sector more broadly. Marianne believes that yoga can help us to cultivate connection with ourselves and each other, she enjoys sharing yoga with all who are curious to try it.

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Ryan Kerr

Ryan is a yoga teacher and massage therapist based in Bristol. He's always been fascinated by the human body, mind, spirit. He grew up loving to dance, play and experimented with various martial arts. It wasn't until his late-teens where he also discovered his love for stillness, meditation, and breathwork. All of these things have transformed his physical and mental wellbeing, and that is what he wishes to allow others to discover through his classes. He has a strong passion for inclusivity and equality, and truly believes this is a key part of what yoga is all about, but it is often not fully practiced in the Western world

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